A tool to manage your e-mail protection services!

The innovative netGUARD Solutions control panel allows you to easily take control over your Internet experience. It provides an unified interface to our Virus and Spam scanning solutions.


SpamAlert can help to relieve you of the aggravation caused by spam and give you back control of your e-mail inbox!

The efficient SpamAlert system will filter and block Spam and give you the freedom to decide what you want done with it. You can confidently manage e-mail accounts and domains to protect yourself from the barrage of Spam that gobbles up precious minutes of your already busy day.


If a virus is detected, the e-mail containing the virus will immediately be quarantined on our VSCAN servers and not allowed to proceed. The recipient will be notified of the detection; with information on what the virus is, and where it originated (the e-mail address of the sender).

The VSCAN service is a 24/7 service that is offered to both our corporate and residential customers. Addresses that subscribe to netGUARD Solutions VSCAN will have ALL incoming e-mail checked for the latest viruses, and STOPPED before they reach you.


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What is netGUARD?

As a customer we have offered you e-mail protection services called SPAMAlert and VSCAN. As we continue to think of ways to easily manage the customizations of these services, we have created a "all in one" control panel. We are introducing "netGUARD"; a web site which allows you to manage both services in one website.

NetGUARD is a free web site. Only those who have signed up for either of the services will see the full potential of this site. You can view a recorded log history of all e-mail messages sent to your account(s). As a business you can control an entire domain and apply deny or accept rules globally. If you are not a subscriber of SPAMAlert or VSCAN, you can easily sign up within the site. Log in and see for yourself.